10 Amazing Pumpkin Decorating Ideas (No Carving Required!)

pumpkin decorating ideas no carving halloween amazing
Even though stores started putting out Halloween decorations two months ago, Halloween is ACTUALLY (finally) almost here! I love carving pumpkins, but sometimes I have no idea what to carve, or just can't deal with the mess. I recently realized that I'm not skilled enough to carve anything cool, and I've grown tired of the two faces I can actually carve. If you've also experienced these dilemmas, are in a DIY mood, or are simply looking for a way to decorate that is more cute than scary, check out these amazing no-carve pumpkin ideas!

Fall Essentials: Three Rompers Styled Three Ways

One of my more superficial goals this year was to get better at outfit preparation. While I don't think I'll ever be the type of person who lays out their outfit the night before, I've gotten good at only purchasing items that are multipurpose, and that I can easily dress up or down. My favourite thing to do this summer was to wear a romper because it made getting dressed so much simpler (a.k.a. I never had to waste 5 minutes worrying about whether my top went with my pants, or went too well with my pants), and it was easy to make more formal on the fly if I was going out at night. Even though it's officially fall, it's been sunny and warm with blue skies in Toronto, so I thought I'd share my favourite three rompers with you, and three ways I style them.
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