Toronto Canada Lifestyle Blogger Influencer Tori Sung

Hey there! My name is Tori and I'd shake your hand, but there are some clear limitations there.

Welcome to Self-Explanatori, a place where I share my personal experiences with/opinions on everything from makeup and fashion to food and travel. Hopefully you'll learn something new, be inspired in some way, laugh with me (or at me), and much more.

Toronto Canada Lifestyle Blogger Influencer Tori Sung

Name: Victoria Paige Sung. Usually Tori or Tor. Never Vicky.

Age: 22

I Am A: JD/MBA Student. Content Creator. Toronto Native. Pun Appreciator. Shower Singer. 90s Sitcom Addict. Leafs & Jays Fan. DIY Gal. Brie Baker. Political Enthusiast. McGill Alum. 

Fun Facts:
1) I have the appetite of a pubescent teenage boy.
2) My favourite word is "tchotchke".
3) My parents originally wanted to name me Sam (Samantha) until they realized that my name would be Sam Sung.... like the company.

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