10 Amazing Pumpkin Decorating Ideas (No Carving Required!)

pumpkin decorating ideas no carving halloween amazing
Even though stores started putting out Halloween decorations two months ago, Halloween is ACTUALLY (finally) almost here! I love carving pumpkins, but sometimes I have no idea what to carve, or just can't deal with the mess. I recently realized that I'm not skilled enough to carve anything cool, and I've grown tired of the two faces I can actually carve. If you've also experienced these dilemmas, are in a DIY mood, or are simply looking for a way to decorate that is more cute than scary, check out these amazing no-carve pumpkin ideas!

1) The Confetti Pumpkin

cute confetti DIY no carve pumpkin halloween polka dot

I found this ADORABLE confetti pumpkin on The Crafted Life and instantly fell in love with it. It's such a simple idea that even creatively-challenged people can do, and it looks incredible no matter what. She used a fake white pumpkin, but you can always just paint an orange pumpkin white, or start with a different base colour! For the confetti, you can either purchase it, or make your own out of any spare tissue paper you have lying around. Then, just glue the confetti on!

2) Emoji Pumpkins

cute emoji pumpkin no carve how to

What better way to express your creativity than how you express yourself on the daily - with emojis! Courtesy of Cutefetti, all you have to do is paint your pumpkins yellow, cut the emoji faces out of felt (or thick paper!) and glue them onto the pumpkins. These are super cute, family-friendly, and are a good no-carving alternative because they still allow you to put faces on your pumpkins if you're hesitant about ditching your go-to carving!

3) Star Wars Pumpkins

star wars jedi r2-d2 c-3po pumpkin no carve easy DIY

In the many hours I've spent scouring the internet, I have NEVER seen these. If you're a life-long Star Wars fanatic, or are just excited for The Last Jedi, these are the pumpkins for you! These R2-D2 and C-3PO pumpkins are the brain child of DIY Candy; she used some basic art supplies from Michaels (including their faux pumpkins), and she actually designed them so it's possible to move R2-D2's legs! You could easily make a BB-8 one, or any of your other favourite Star Wars characters. 

4) Doughnut Pumpkins

cute DIY pumpkin little doughnut donut sprinkles kids

For all the foodies, food bloggers, doughnut addicts, and pretty much anyone with a sweet tooth, look no further. Created by the brilliant Studio DIY, these pumpkins are incredibly easy to decorate, and aren't very time-consuming. All you need is paint; one colour for the frosting, and bright colours for the sprinkles! If you don't have paint at home, and are looking to save some money, you can probably use sharpies (or any other markers) over top of the paint for the sprinkles!

5) Floral Pumpkins

pretty pumpkin DIY festive floral no carve tattoo

This is the closest I've ever come to wanting to use the word "elegant" to describe a pumpkin.  If you're looking to use your pumpkin for some fancy decor purposes, or you just want to feel a little classier this Halloween, try out the floral pumpkin! All you have to do is adhere temporary tattoos to a white pumpkin to recreate the look above. It takes 5 minutes tops to make once you've collected the supplies, and you're left with a literal masterpiece. 

6) Flower/Succulent Centrepiece Pumpkins

pretty pumpkin DIY festive flowers no carve gold

Meet the perfect festive centrepieces! Not to be mistaken with the idea above, these pumpkins feature real (or fake) 3-D flowers! The basic idea is, after you make your pumpkin "pretty" (paint it, confetti it, etc.), just drill some small holes in it and poke flower stems through them! This was one of the ideas I found that I had truly never thought of or seen before, but they're so amazingly festive and eye-catching! 

pretty pumpkin DIY festive flowers no carve pink

If you're not a flower person, or you're looking to be a little more minimalist, check out the succulent pumpkins below! Best Friends for Frosting made them as adorable porch decorations, and while they may not be appropriate for traditional Halloween purposes, they're too good not to share.

DIY cute pastel pumpkin succulent decor home

Finally, if you're looking for an even crazier twist on this idea, and don't mind doing some carving, try out the lion pumpkin below! It's the same idea (with the hole drilling and flowers), but a little more fun and kid-friendly!

kids easy DIY pumpkin lion animal adorable carve

7) The Curly-Haired Pumpkin

If you're tired of opening the door for trick-or-treaters, or you need a cute way to display some candies at your Halloween party, this is the one for you! Like the pumpkins above, all you need to do is drill holes in the pumpkin and stick lollipops inside. People can walk by, grab, and go! To make this a no-carve pumpkin, you can just draw the face on the pumpkin, or just cover the entire thing with the lollipops!

8) The Punny Pumpkin

punny minimal pumpkin DIY halloween no carve black

Last year I posted one of my favourite set of pumpkins on Instagram, which were pretty and pun-filled as can be, so this year, I thought I'd try to find some more. Well, Treehouse Threads did not disappoint, and came through with these HYSTERICAL punny pumpkins. These are a little more complex to make, but they're #pumpkinghouls and would be perfect for pictures if you're throwing a party!

9) The Popcorn Pumpkin

funny creative no carve pumpkin movie DIY

Here's one for all the horror-lovers out there who are hosting a scary movie night this month, or are just planning to stay in this Halloween and binge watch their favourite horror films. This has to be one of my favourites, and I'm definitely going to make it next year. All you need is one large pumpkin, and 4-5 smaller pumpkins (for the M&Ms)! Just paint them, glue a popcorn sign on the "bag" (large pumpkin), and decorate with a bag of popcorn!

10) The Animated Pumpkin

despicable me easy cute DIY pumpkin no carve halloween

You can never go wrong with a crowd favourite.  I have seen a ton of Despicable Me pumpkins over the years, but the ones above take the cake. I couldn't find instructions for them anywhere, but it seems like you need a lot of yellow paint, mason jar lids for the goggles, and a beret for Gru. Also, I've thrown a Nemo one in below because it has literal fins, so it deserved an honourable mention. 

nemo cute easy DIY no carve halloween pumpkin

Hopefully some of these piqued your interest in choosing to go the no-carve pumpkin route this year. If they didn't, you can find some of the craziest, creative pumpkin carving ideas here (a.k.a. the ones I wish I will one day be able to carve). Happy Halloween!

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