Top 16 of 2016

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We've all seen the 2016 memes that circulated the Internet for months. From Donald Trump's victory, to endless pop culture icons' deaths, there seemed to be little room for positive thoughts about 2016 online (except for Chris Hadfield's Twitter thread). So, to add to the limited pool of positive reflections on 2016, I decided to make a personal Top 16 of 2016 list. 

Originally it was supposed to be my 16 favourite photos I'd taken, but due to my indecisiveness, it turned into a top 16 moments/photos collection. Enjoy! 

P.S. Yes I realize how many of these photos are of food. 
P.P.S. The photos/moments are not in any particular order.

1) Lunch at Osgoode Hall

I am obsessed with the colours in this photo. There's NOTHING that competes with spring foliage.
Osgoode Hall Toronto Ontario Courthouse Downtown

2) Lola on the Lawn

If you're one of the few people who have taken a peek at my chaotic camera roll, you'll understand why I had to include this photo. Like any other pet owner, half of my photos are variations of this photo of my dog throughout different seasons.

golden retriever outside cute puppy smiling female

3) Moving Home from Montreal

This is actually a picture from the hotel I was staying at while I was moving out, but it's a lot neater than any photo of my apartment would have been at the time. 

Sofitel Montreal Hotel Bookshelf prettiest interior minimal best

 4) Churro Cones in Kensington

If you live in Toronto, and you have not tried one of these, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. I admit that my friend and I initially trekked to Kensington Market just to buy one for the Instagram, but this was the best sweet treat I had all year.
churro cone toronto cereal best original kensington

 5) FNL At the ROM

For the second year in a row, I never would have anticipated how much time I spent at the ROM. Kudos to the marketing genius who created FNL. 
FNL at the Royal Ontario Museum Pride Week Love Sign pride toronto

 6) Cottage Weekend

One of my best friends moved to Australia a few years ago but lucky for me, when she comes back to visit, she takes me to the cottage with her. She's also a fan of taking a thousand photos of sunsets so we pretty much spent the whole weekend side-by-side taking photos of the lake. I'm kidding. Sort of.
muskoka cottage country toronto canada ontario sunset colourful

7) Dinner With Friends

Obviously I had dinner with friends more than once this year, but this was one of the rare occasions where a friend made a home-cooked meal AND decorated the table in a way that would put Martha Stewart (and any other home decor queen) to shame
table decor summer peonies inspiration flower dinner setting

8) The Harry Potter Bar

 ....which is actually called The Lockhart, but it is indeed Harry Potter themed. I am clearly not a true fan because I failed to understand any of the references in the bar, but they had unreal food, and it was one of the coolest atmospheres I've experienced in Toronto to date.

Harry Potter Bar the Lockhart Toronto where best drinks

9) Sephora Opens at Yonge and Eglinton

I have been VIB Rouge at Sephora for two years, and this new Sephora location is only ten minutes away from my house a.k.a. it should come as no surprise this made my top 16. My mom and I also took the afternoon off to collect beauty freebies and have our makeup done, so overall the day wasn't too shabby.

sephora yonge and eglinton toronto location makeup store opening

10) Nordstrom Opening

I've posted about all of the Nordstrom events, so at this point I don't have much left to say. I had so much fun meeting a ton of new bloggers (like Persian Brunette who so kindly took this photo), and the entire string of events was a whirlwind of all my greatest photo-taking, beauty product-testing, and dress-up dreams come true.

Tori Sung Nordstrom opening gala toronto eaton centre yorkale

11) Law School Acceptance Flowers  

The flowers are wilting in this photo because I'd had them for weeks (surprisingly not because I forgot to water them!) but in any case, I adore this photo. 

flowers bouquet fall congratulatory colourful best cute montreal

12) Coffee at Himalayan Java

This is my most re-posted photo on Instagram, and I can't say I'm surprised. It's the perfect combination of amazing latte art and dogs. What more could a girl need? Also the cookie in the corner is the most decadent and mouth-watering sea-salt chocolate chip cookie I've tasted in my 22 years. It wouldn't be right to just let you assume it's an average cookie.

Himalayan Java Coffee Toronto Eglinton Yonge best cutest latte art

13) The Ex

This is probably my most-liked Instagram post from 2016 but honestly, who could scroll past this photo without tossing it a like? Even Buzzfeed included it in their compilation of 17 Crazy Delicious Foods From The CNE That'll Make You Hungry!
frans diner milkshakes decadent dessert toronto best places

14) Graduating from McGill

The moment I realized the true meaning of "bittersweet".

mcgill graduation montreal quebec place des arts

mcgill graduation montreal quebec place des arts

15) How I Like to Picture Law School

Yes, this picture is misleading. Shockingly, I don't always study in my bed, law school readings are colourful but not in a literal sense, and I typically don't lay fresh roses beside my textbooks while I work. But I like to pretend that's what law school is really like.
erin condren life planner custom stickers how to plan decorate

16) Turning 22

My friends were fabulous (as per usual), a customized Snapchat filter was made (and abused), and the cake was (in a weird way) literally how I would picture myself in cake form. It was the perfect way to solidify my status as a young adult, which is still somewhat terrifying to me.

Pusateris Fine Foods Birthday Cake best chocolate popcorn blue
What are your top 16 of 2016? If you have some spare time this week, don't just make resolutions for 2017. Take some time to reflect on your favourite or best moments from the year before. Happy New Year! Here's to 2017!

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