Happy National Dog Day!

national dog day Nadege patisserie golden retriever macarons
Happy National Dog Day (a.k.a probably the only random National Something Day I will ever care about)! Even though it feels like I spoil/celebrate my dog every day, it's nice to have another excuse to post photos of her on every social media platform.

In celebration, Nadège Patisserie sent over some custom macarons with my dog's face stamped on them! I thought they were too adorable not to share. 

national dog day Nadege patisserie macaron

If you've never heard of Nadège, they make some of the most AMAZING sweet treats, and seem to have a knack for custom goodies (you may remember their really cool custom macarons for the Pan Am games in Toronto last year)! They also make some pretty good-looking sandwiches, but I always cave and pick sweet over savoury. 

national dog day Nadege patisserie macaron golden retriever

These macarons were a fun way to commemorate the day, except for the fact that they were almost too cute to eat! It also felt a little weird to take a bite out of my dog's face, but I got over it as soon as I remembered how good their macarons are. Even though my dog couldn't eat them herself, trust me, she got her fair share of treats!

national dog day Nadege patisserie golden retriever macrons

To all the dog-owners out there, I hope you and your furry friend had a great National Dog Day!


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