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If you're looking for an unreal free meal and/or an Instagram-worthy photo, and you're all for supporting a good cause, look no further than The Cantina by Campbell's! From February 2nd (today!) until February 21st, you can walk into 501 Queen Street West and try out a variety of complimentary soup tasting options courtesy of Campbell Canada. 

I was lucky enough to be invited to the media preview event last night and try the soups myself. Honestly, they were all really freaking delicious. If I had to choose a favourite, it's a tie between the Roasted Beer Can Cream of Chicken Soup (because it is quite literally everything I love in a bowl), and the Creamy Tomato Black Bean Taco Soup (I mean, how can you say no to tortilla chips IN soup?!?!). 
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Spicy Vegetarian Ramen (left), Roasted Beer Can Cream of Chicken Soup (Top Right), Thai Chicken and Rice Khao Soi (Middle Right) and Creamy Tomato Black Bean Taco Soup (Bottom Right)

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These creative concoctions were designed by TV Personality and Rock Lobster Owner, Chef Matt Dean Pettit. 

Pro Tip: if you happen to go between 12:00pm-1:00pm or 6:00pm-7:00pm, you can actually meet him and/or a member from his Rock Lobster kitchen to learn tips and tricks for how to recreate these soups at home which, if you have tastebuds, you're going to want to do.

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Aside from the perk that this whole experience is free (my favourite price), Campbell Canada will make a donation of one can of soup to the Daily Bread Food Bank for each sticker placed by a guest on their mosaic wall. When the mosaic is completed, it creates the Andy Warhol piece pictured on the sign below! Their goal is to donate 15,000 cans which I think (and hope) is totally feasible. There will be few opportunities in your life where you can eat and do some good at the same time, so take advantage of this one.

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The pop-up itself is in an incredible open space that even features a toppings bar where you can garnish your soup yourself, and make it your own. Check out the stunning photos below and next time you're scrolling through Instagram, creep the hashtag #WeAllSoupTO to get a better idea of what you have to look forward to. Happy eating!

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We All Soup Toronto Pop Up Space queen street

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