Christmas in NYC 2015

NYC skyline Christmas sunset new york city
If you read my post from last Christmas, you'll know I'm a Christmas enthusiast. I LOVE Christmas. I LIVE for Christmas. I am the person who's Christmas lights go up in October and come down in April, and who watches Love Actually and listens to Michael Buble's Christmas album in the middle of July. Naturally I die a little bit when NYC whips out the insane Christmas decorations and window displays to celebrate the holiday season, so spending Christmas there again was a dream come true. 

A Healthier Take On Peppermint Bark

Pinterest Peppermint Bark Healthy Recipe Christmas
Peppermint bark is one of those holiday treats that you start eating and before you know it, you've finished all of it in one sitting. This is a quick and easy recipe for a "healthier" peppermint bark that won't make you feel AS bad about eating it all up in one day.
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