A Very Merry New York Christmas

Christmas in New York is simultaneously one of the most beautiful and terrifying things I have ever experienced. Beautiful in the sense that it promotes more Christmas cheer than "Whoville", and terrifying in the sense that, if possible, the city is 10 times busier than it is normally. As a self-proclaimed Christmas enthusiast, I loved every minute of it.

People swarm Rockefeller Center & 30 Rock, trying to take pictures of the massive Christmas tree and to watch people attempt to skate on the rink. I'm not sure if it was more entertaining to see how excited all of the skaters were, or how close so many of them came to skating over the railings. 

When people call New York at Christmas-time magical, they aren't kidding. The entire city is covered in lights and abnormally sized decorations that make you want to break out into a Michael Buble Christmas Album flash mob, and every store window is more extravagant than the one before. 


These pictures of the Bergdorf Goodman window displays on 5th Avenue were taken at night, so I'm really sorry for any odd reflections. Each window depicted a different art form, and they encased the entire building. These displays were gorgeous, drawing a crowd of at least 50 people around each window, snapping pictures and just looking in awe. In all honesty, I'm pretty sure that in the next year all of these photos will at some point be my phone background because they were honestly the coolest things I had ever seen.


Christmas at Saks isn't just a bunch of displays, it's a freaking production. A stunning production though. Every seven minutes an entire light show is projected onto the building complete with Christmas music and images of people dancing in the windows. They literally had to set up barricades to keep all of the people watching each show from blocking the streets, and had a line-up of people standing to see their windows. The best window displays were the ones based on "Once Upon A Time" fairytales, re-written in clever little ways to relate them to New York. If anything, go to New York over Christmas just to see the Saks displays - they are literally to die for.

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