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A couple of weeks ago I received one of the strangest (but best) PR packages. It was a box from Clorox that was FULL of cleaning products. Why was it the strangest? Because I've never even considered the fact that cleaning supply companies would send out PR packages. Why the best? Because I literally already use all of these products, so this package got me motivated to actually start my spring cleaning. Below are five small tips and tricks to help you power through this annual challenge in a faster and more thorough way. 

Spring cleaning can be tedious and sometimes downright gross, but there is NO better feeling than sitting down after decluttering and scrubbing your space. I didn't take any photos of the cleaning process itself, but I've included photos of all my favourite/most used spring cleaning products within the tips and tricks. They're pretty self-explanatory so I figured I didn't need to go into specific detail about them or how to use them.

1) Equip Yourself and Get Organizedspring cleaning clorox tips tricks febreze glad bag

A lot of people just dive into spring cleaning without making sure they have the proper materials, or set-up, to make it a faster and less stressful process. Start by making a list of what needs cleaning, and what supplies you'll need to ensure you only need to make ONE trip to the store (or none at all if you're already prepared!). Once you're ready to start cleaning, set up three bags or containers: one for garbage, one for donations, and one for things you want to sell/give to friends.

2) Include Your Wardrobe Transitionspring cleaning clorox tips tricks bleach

If you live in a place that requires your winter and summer wardrobes to be completely different then spring cleaning is the perfect time to make the switch between the two. It's an easy way to get the ball rolling and feel productive by re-organizing your closet/drawers with the relevant seasonal clothing items, putting away winter necessities (gloves, hats, boots, etc.), and dry cleaning/washing any sweaters or jackets. It's also the perfect time to clean any salt stains off your boots before you put them away for the season, so it's not a lingering problem for next winter. 

3) Clean Out Expired/Old Productsspring cleaning clorox tips tricks hair removal

People often forget to clear out any expired or old products. These include things like medications, stale spices, makeup, and more. While the expiry date isn't always indicative depending on what the product is, it's worth checking everything. Realistically, once expired, the majority of products aren't good for you or are ineffective, and if you haven't used them by now then what is the point of keeping them? Checking expiry dates can be incorporated into deciding what to keep, throw out, or give away.

4) Wipe EVERYTHINGspring cleaning clorox tips tricks disinfecting wipes

With the scrubbing of countertops galore and the dust that seemingly collects on every surface, there's a lot of wiping in spring cleaning. However, it's important not to forget to wipe things besides your furniture or floors. Gadgets like your laptop and cellphone always collect grime from being placed on random surfaces inside and outside of your home, so take this opportunity to wipe them down with alcohol pads or disinfecting wipes. Things like TV remotes that people touch every day, and purses/bags you place on various floors will also benefit from a quick wipe-down. This will also help you prolong the length of time your home stays squeaky clean. 

Helpful hint: don't look at the wipe or alcohol pad afterwards - it'll gross you out.

5) Make It Funspring cleaning clorox tips tricks zara marie kondo

Cleaning can suck which is why the little things can make a huge difference. Read a book like Spark Joy, or The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (if you're one of the people who somehow still hasn't read it) to learn new techniques that make cleaning satisfying, and that help you realize the benefits of cleansing your space. Use bright-coloured gloves and wear a comfy outfit. Reward yourself with a spring shopping trip or a really good meal. The opportunities to make spring cleaning a little less drab are honestly (and thankfully) endless.

Happy cleaning!

Disclaimer: I purchase most of the products I review on my blog myself, but sometimes I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to try and review products sent by brands for consideration. I'm also lucky to have some amazing friends that may give me a gift or two from time to time. That being said, any thoughts and views expressed are always 100% honest and straight out of my own crazy brain.

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