Canadian Tire's CANVAS Spring/Summer 2017 Launch

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Spring Summer Furniture
In all honesty, I have had limited interactions with Canadian Tire as a brand in my lifetime. At 22, there haven't been many occasions where I've needed to do a Canadian Tire run, nor is it where I have chosen to spend my disposable income (or lack thereof). For the longest time, I just saw it as a store with "adulting" necessities, and knew that its Canadian Tire money was simply the butt of every joke, so I was taken by surprise when I found out about CANVAS, Canadian Tire's lifestyle line.

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Spring Summer Furniture

This spring, I was invited to attend a showcase for CANVAS' spring and summer 2017 launch, and I wasn't disappointed. It actually makes total sense that Canadian Tire has a lifestyle line, and I'm shocked that a) it took so long to come to fruition, and b) that it had taken so long for me to hear about. 

Also, side note, I've been putting this post off for months because the weather this summer in Toronto hasn't exactly been "summery" (global warming is REAL folks), so if some of these photos are reminiscent of my Instagram stories from April, you're not mistaken.

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Spring Summer Furniture

Firstly, let me start by saying that CANVAS put on an unreal event; the venue had various rooms that were decorated to feel like you were in a home, on a patio, etc. and it was the perfect way to show off how widespread and practical their line is. Also, the outside of the building had a mural on it that was painted specifically for the event (in the picture above), and it was too pretty not to include in this post. 

Anyway, onto the actual products! The range includes patio/outdoor furniture, bold dishware and serving platters, cute printed pillows, decorative rugs, funky fire tables, a ton of outdoor lighting (string lights, lanterns, etc.), indoor lighting (chandeliers, pendants, sconces etc.), umbrellas, barbecues, barbecue accessories, desks, chairs, shelving, storage, furniture pieces for a foyer, baskets, and other stylish home decor items. 

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Furniture Pillow Summer

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Pillows Summer

Even though I can see myself buying pretty much everything that was on display, I think my favourite items are the pillows, and the Canadian-themed patio set. All of the pillows are so vibrant, and have patterns on them that you wouldn't necessarily find at IKEA, West Elm, or other furniture stores. As someone who loves colourful spaces and has more throw pillows than things to put them on, these obviously stood out to me. The Canadian-themed patio set included red cushions and dishes with maple leafs on them. I liked how everything went together but wasn't too matchy-matchy, and it seemed like the perfect set-up for a Canada Day barbecue or a cottage weekend!

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Dishes Canada Day

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Dishes Canada Day

Check out the photos below to see the new Spring/Summer 2017 line for yourself! While I didn't take photos of everything they had on display, the entire line can be found on their website

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Dishes Table

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Fire Table

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Couch Pillows Furniture

CANVAS Canadian Tire Mirror Large Dishes

CANVAS Canadian Tire Dining Chandelier Light Table

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Storage

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Lights Lanterns

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Pillows Lights Lanterns

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Pillows Lights

CANVAS Canadian Tire Summer Spring Furniture Storage

CANVAS Canadian Tire Summer Spring Mirror Lights

CANVAS Canadian Tire Summer Spring Lamp Couch Pillow

CANVAS Canadian Tire Summer Spring Light Fixtures

CANVAS Canadian Tire Summer Spring Carpet Rug

CANVAS Canadian Tire Summer Spring Furniture

CANVAS Canadian Tire Summer Spring Furniture

Here's hoping that the sun comes through so we can all actually use patio furniture, instead of just owning it.


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