Resolutions & How to Keep Them

new years resolutions goals ideas inspiration
Happy New Year everyone! And happy struggles as you keep writing 2014 on everything for the next couple of weeks. Today I want to share my thoughts on New Year's resolutions, and the importance of cutting everyone (including you) some slack, with a little bit of a Hannah Montana throwback.

New Years Resolutions
Resolutions are funny because you essentially just look back at the year you had and think about how you can do better, make yourself happier, and/or do more for others. But a problem most people I know seem to have is that they end up making the same resolution every year because they either forget about it from the previous year, or just get stuck in the cycle of saying "I'll do it next year".

I like to make a bunch of resolutions; some that are easy like watching Frozen, and some that require greater commitment like being more punctual. Watching Frozen may seems like a dumb resolution, but I love having small ones like this, because they help get the ball rolling with a sense of accomplishment. To my surprise, I was actually forced to watch it on New Years day, so I got that one out of the way fast.However this year, my most important New Year's resolution, which I recommend, is to cut everyone some slack. 

new years resolutions goals ideas inspiration

Cutting Yourself Some Slack:
Think about it. Even if you have high aspirations to work out more frequently, eat healthier, spend more time with certain people, or go on less Netflix TV show binge-watches, you need to cut yourself some slack. So many people come up with these meaningful resolutions, but often feel dejected when a couple weeks into the new year, they seem to already be failing to achieve these goals, and then forget about them by June. 

If you want to go to the gym 5 times a week but by January 20th you have only been 7 times, don't throw your resolution out the window. Try to ignore self-doubt, because we all know it's hard to simply get rid of. Things happen, and you have the whole year to try and fulfill your resolution. I don't mean make excuses and procrastinate more, just realize that it's okay if you don't truly get a hold of your resolutions until November 2015. So, cut yourself some slack, and write your resolutions somewhere you can see them all year long so you won't forget.

new years resolutions goals ideas inspiration

Cutting Other People Some Slack:
As Hannah Montana once said, "everyone makes mistakes, everyone has those days". We are all prone to making bad decisions, running late and telling our friends we are only 5 minutes away, or snapping when we're stressed, tired, or just generally in a bad mood. Cut people some slack. Don't forget that you probably make a bunch of the same mistakes, and remember that everyone's dealing with their own shenanigans.

Use Resolution Prompts to Help You Get Started!
If you don't know where to start in terms of making New Year's resolutions, my favourite is Lauren Conrad's guide, which you can also find on her blog. I think it perfectly demonstrates how broad resolutions can be, and shows a wide range of commitment so you can find the ones that work for you!

new years resolutions goals ideas inspiration

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