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On Monday, the bluest day of the year, I celebrated the release of Caramel M&M's by tackling a caramel-themed obstacle course at Pursuit OCR. For those of you that don't know, Pursuit OCR is Canada's largest fully indoor obstacle course training and movement centre. It's housed in a nondescript building at Dufferin and Queen, and when we stepped inside, it was WILD (I'll explain more below). I had never been there before, and I was honestly surprised by how fun the course was. It was challenging, but beginner-friendly enough that even I was able to finish it (despite the fact that I'm currently in a life stage where I sit for roughly 12 (or more) hours a day)! Their obstacle course is caramel-themed until January 21st, so I figured I'd share my experience on here in case you're interested in checking it out!
Pursuit OCR M&Ms Canada Caramel Obstacle Course

#UnsquareYourself is inspired by the fact that M&M's is literally unsquaring caramel by putting it into their famous and colourful button-shaped chocolates. I am a huge caramel fan (looking at you Milk Duds and Caramilks), so this was a pretty exciting event in the candy world for me. I quickly grew addicted to them over Christmas, and can confidently say that Caramel M&M's have superseded my love of Peanut M&M's. 

Christmas Blogger M&Ms Canada Caramel Holiday

Why on earth did M&M's pick an obstacle course? To shake up our routines that often become mundane, especially in the winter! We all know it's hard to find the motivation to get out much after a long day of work, especially when it's dark and cold outside from 4:00pm onwards. This obstacle course was a really unique activity that allowed me to socialize with friends, try something new and get some exercise simultaneously, which are all things I struggle to make time for as a student. 

Pursuit OCR M&Ms Canada Caramel Fitness Blogger Toronto

Pursuit OCR M&Ms Canada Caramel Obstacle Course

The course itself is insanely fun - Pursuit OCR has this funky setup with colourful lights, cool lanterns, and even a blacklight, but somehow is able to maintain an awesome hardcore gym vibe. In one of the adjacent rooms, there were classes taking place with people doing some insane strength workouts and nifty tricks. I'd attempt to explain what they were doing, but all I can say is that I'm 100% sure that if I attempted one of those moves, my ankles would've automatically snapped. Even though I'm trying really hard to find the right words here, the atmosphere is indescribable; in my experience, it's been rare to be in a space where no one is judgmental and everyone's truly trying to challenge themselves.

Pursuit OCR Toronto Indoor Obstacle Course Fitness Blogger

Pursuit OCR Toronto Indoor Obstacle Course Fitness Blog

One highlight in particular is the fact that there's a ball pit. Like a real, McDonald's PlayPlace-style, ball pit for adults. Technically, it's meant to be a safe place to fall into if you're unable to swing across the 20-foot stretch of hanging rings, but I decided to make it part of the course. Considering it's been at least 10 years since I was last in a ball pit, jumping into it was weirdly freeing, and it was more fun than I remember. I also thought it was hysterical that even as adults, you can't escape the perils of losing a shoe, phone, or other important items to the pit. 

Pursuit OCR M&Ms Canada Caramel Obstacle Course

Another highlight? THE ROBOT. You can climb up the sides of it, or use the ladder-type slats through its centre, and either way, it makes you feel like Queen (or King) of Pursuit OCR. Fair warning, it's higher than it appears in the picture, so beware if you're scared of heights. We climbed it at the end to cap off the experience because it's the perfect place to snap a picture.

Pursuit OCR M&Ms Canada Caramel Obstacle Course Robot Toronto

In case you've gotten to this part of the post and are still wondering what caramel-themed means, there are #UnsquareYourself moments all over the course, as well as some fun decor additions. The moments are super cute and entirely optional, but I thought they added a lot to the experience, especially when we were attempting to do the course for the second time in a row (and were less focused on the actual obstacles). 

Pursuit OCR M&Ms Canada Caramel Obstacle Course

All-in-all, this place is a good time whether or not you get a chance to go before it loses its caramel-theme. There are a seemingly endless number of activities and from the get-go, the staff make it clear that it's a place for people of all skill levels. The course is made so that you can avoid certain obstacles if you're entirely uncomfortable with them, and so two people can attempt any piece of it at once. If you're a true #fitspo, there's slacklining and a parkour-esque wall available if you're up to the challenge. 

Pursuit OCR M&Ms Canada Caramel Obstacle Course

Some food for thought: how are you unsquaring yourself to beat the winter blues this year?

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