Canadian Tire's CANVAS Fall & Christmas 2017 Launch

CANVAS Canadian Tire Christmas Lanterns Outdoor
Earlier this year I talked about Canadian Tire's lifestyle line, CANVAS, in my post about their spring/summer line launch. If my love of CANVAS wasn't clear enough from that post, or how often I posted photos from that launch on my Instagram feed, I'm back to talk about it some more. This summer, I was invited to check out what they'll be selling in stores for fall and Christmas and again, they didn't disappoint. Whether you're hoping to make the perfect Winter Wonderland, or simply need some cozy accents for your home, check out some of my favourite pieces from the lines below! Full disclosure: most (read: all) of them are Christmas-related.

New York, New York

appartement sezane new york paris pop up nolita
While I usually make it to New York City at least once a year, I was extra motivated this year since about 10 of my closest friends moved there. I went once in April to celebrate the end of exams (and my first year of law school!), and once again over Thanksgiving with my family. Unlike my first few blog posts from NYC in which I wrote a lot about my trip, I don't have much to report since I spent most of it catching up with friends. But, as per usual, I ate a lot and took photos of almost everything, so I figured I'd share some of them! I apologize in advance for the iPhone quality shots, but what's a girl to do when she's on the move.
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