3 New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

new years resolutions goals ideas inspiration
Hello everyone! Happy 2016! Last year I wrote about New Year's resolutions and how to keep them, so this year I'm going to share three resolutions with you which I think are super reasonable and apply to everyone! If you're still searching for a good resolution, and/or have given up on one of your own, keep reading!

Although it may seem a little late to be writing a post like this, I honestly think it's the perfect time. I like to give myself a few weeks before making New Year's resolutions because it gives me more time to think about changes that really matter to me, and that are actually reasonable to take on. It also takes me about 2 weeks to get adjusted to the new calendar year, as I've finally remembered to write 2016 instead of 2015 on everything.

Resolution #1: Finish a Book Before I Start A New TV Series
This may seem like a ridiculous resolution but like many of those around me I have fallen victim to Netflix binge-watching. Between catching up on TV shows that are still on the air, trying to see every TV show I missed from the 1990s and the early 2000s, and throwing a few Friends re-runs in-between, I spend a lot of time watching TV. Especially because I'm a university student, it can be hard to want to read leisurely with so many mandatory readings to do for my courses. As someone who used to start and finish a book easily in one day when I was younger, and who has a long list of book recommendations from friends, I would love to get back into reading. This resolution is also hopefully going to help me turn off my TV/shut down my laptop earlier, and get me to read before bed instead of surf the internet.

Resolution #2: Try A New Recipe Every Month
Ever since I actually learned how to use Pinterest in the Summer, I've been pinning recipes to my "Things I Want To Eat" board almost every day. As a student, I find it's so easy to get stuck making many of the same dishes or comfort foods (as I'm sure anyone else who finds themselves busy can appreciate), so I'm hoping to branch out a bit with this resolution! Whether it's a decadent dessert or a new type of salad, I really want to try making at least one of the recipes I've pinned each month, and maybe even share my experiences on my blog. Hopefully there will be a minimal amount that fall under the "Pinterest Fails" category.  

Resolution #3: Be A Friend To Myself
This sounds odd, but essentially I mean I want to help myself out and make life a little easier by making it simpler to run out the door every morning. I seem to be running late often. Whether I don't respond to my alarm(s), or whether it's because I'm up too prematurely leading to ample time in which I get distracted or decide to add things to my morning routine, running late is never fun and always stressful. So, I'm going to learn to work with this weakness. Below are four steps I've taken to do so!

1) I purchased a second laptop charger and designated one of my lightning USB phone cords to be my portable chargers. This means I can leave both of these in my bag, and never have to worry about forgetting to pack them in the morning. 

2) I hung a blackboard up in my kitchen so I could write myself small notes that would get lost in my planner. For example, it's way more effective to have a clear note in the kitchen reminding you to defrost a chicken breast than to open up your planner when you get to work/school and realize you forgot to take it out of the freezer that morning. I write everything on it including reminders to take my morning vitamins, and to bring a water bottle or snacks with me to campus.

3) I made a designated spot in my front doorway for things that I lose track of easily. I find that especially in winter, I tend to put things into coat pockets and forget to take them out, only to realize days later that my debit card is actually in my other coat pocket. I purchased a cute tray and now throw everything in it including my keys, my sunglasses (yes, I still wear them in winter), my wallet, and any miscellaneous cash or change I find in my pockets. In the past few days, I've also found it's great to use as a mini lost and found. I lost an earring and kept the other one on the tray to remind me to look for it, and to make sure I didn't lose the other earring itself. 

4) I re-organized my clothes to make getting dressed when I'm in a rush a little easier. I designated part of my closet to being a space where I have 5 fully prepared outfits that I know I love, and will feel comfortable wearing all day. This makes it easier in the morning if you're like me and can't seem to plan out an exact outfit the night before, or try so many things on in the morning that you leave a pile of clothes on the floor. I made sure to make a few different combinations so I still have a selection to choose from, while prematurely narrowing down my options to save time. 

Those are my three resolutions for 2016, all of which I believe are reasonable, and that I can keep for the rest of the year (and hopefully for a lifetime!). No matter what your resolutions are, remember to be realistic with your goals. Change doesn't happen overnight, so instead take the baby steps to help ensure you get to where you want to be! Good luck!

new years resolutions goals ideas inspiration

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