Thanksgiving Inspiration: Turkey Day Decor and Table Settings

thanksgiving table setting decor ideas pinterest leaves red

Thanksgiving is my second favourite time of the year (after Christmas obviously) because it combines my three (slash four) favourite Fs: Fall, Friends/Family and Food.  Even though Canadian Thanksgiving was last month and it's essentially Christmastime already in this country, our neighbours to the South will be celebrating American Thanksgiving this week. 

Instead of compiling a list of easy Thanksgiving DIYs or tips for how to create an "Instagram-worthy" table, I thought I'd write a post with a compilation of the decor I put together for Canadian Thanksgiving this year. Realistically I just really wanted to share these photos somewhere, but whether you're looking for some last minute inspiration for your "Friendsgiving", or planning ahead for next year, I hope these photos can serve as inspiration! 

Main Table
When I go to Bed Bath and Beyond, I shop as if I own fifteen different homes. I have a minor obsession with homeware so naturally I scoured the aisles at the nearest store for any and all Thanksgiving-related items. My mom had found the leaf cutlery holders first, so everything was selected to work around those. The cutlery holders, napkins and little coloured leaves along the table runner are all from Bed Bath and Beyond. The little leaves are actually supposed to be coasters but honestly people rarely use those nowadays, so I decided to use them as table decor instead.

thanksgiving table setting decor ideas flowers red leaves

thanksgiving table setting decor ideas dinner leaves red

thanksgiving table setting decor ideas burgundy dinner

thanksgiving table setting decor ideas leaves fall

Second Table:
The second table is pretty much identical to the first (if it ain't broke don't fix it). Instead of a table runner I threw a coloured tablecloth over a white one, and used gold charger plates instead of silver just to spice things up. Decorating can be wild, eh? In all seriousness, I'm a huge fan of this table because of the colour scheme and its simplicity. 

thanksgiving table setting decor ideas leaves fall pinterest

thanksgiving table setting decor ideas red leaves fall dinner

Miscellaneous Decor
If you've ever seen my Instagram feed, you already know my love for flowers is so real. This was actually one giant bouquet that I split up into three different vases to cover more space. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it because of the bursts of colour among the various harvest-looking greenery, and because it just screams Fall. I even talked some random man in the grocery store into buying three of them (you're welcome Loblaws Flower Department)!

thanksgiving table setting decor ideas flowers fall yellow red

During my Bed Bath and Beyond extravaganza, I obviously had to get the giant leaf placemats that matched the coasters. We used them under the serving platters to add some more colour, and because we figured they looked better there instead of being too "matchy-matchy" on the tables.

thanksgiving table setting decor ideas dinner food recipe

thanksgiving table setting decor ideas fruit vegetables dinner

thanksgiving table setting decor ideas baked brie cheese dinner

That's all folks. Happy Turkey Day to all the Americans, and Happy Regular-Thursday to all my non-American friends!


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