Read. Watch. Listen. (02.16.15.)

What to read, watch, and listen to this week.

READ:  Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I already dedicated an ENTIRE post to this book, so I won't say too much, but it is 100% a must-read. It commands attention and quite honestly, it deserves to. "Yes Please" is hysterically relatable, seriously inspiring, and gives you your weekly dose of "celebrities are just like us" all at once.

Check out my full review here: (At Least) Three Reasons to Read Amy Poehler's "Yes Please"

WATCH: House of Cards 

Last week I finally started House of Cards after the drama surrounding the Season 3 leak on Netflix. At first I was kind of concerned that it would be like Breaking Bad, with a painfully slow start that would only get good a season later once they finished providing you with every ounce of background information. However this was not the case. Not even a little bit. House of Cards throws you into the story. Within the first 10 minutes I promised myself I would not watch anything else until I was caught up in the series. Three days after I started watching House of Cards I had already finished Season 1. 

So many of my friends have been telling me to watch this series since it first came out in 2013, but I've always thought it was a little too serious/political for me considering the most dramatic TV shows I watch are Grey's Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars. It turns out that even though it is a political drama, you don't really need a working knowledge of American politics to follow along. The story helps you get a general idea of anything truly political they refer to, and you're too busy falling in love with Kevin Spacey to really care.

Recently I've been trying to stick to watching TV series that consist of episodes that are less than 30 minutes long, and now I remember know why. This show will keep you pressing the "Next Episode" button on Netflix for hours, and I'm in the danger zone of finding it hard to close the tab and return to real life.

LISTEN: Kodaline's Live Lounge Mash-Up

Kodaline performed a cover in BBC's Live Lounge at the end of January and created the most unreal mash-up of Ed Sheeran's "Sing", Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk". Within four minutes of hearing it for the first time, I had already converted the YouTube video and synced the song to my phone. Listen and enjoy.

Kodaline Thailand


  1. I nominated you for The Liebster Award.

  2. Omg I'm in love with Kodaline! :)


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