Sparkling Pomegranate Holiday Sangria Recipe

christmas holiday sangria recipe good pomegranate
The holidays are here and that means it's time to eat, drink, and repeat. I'm a sucker for a good sangria, so this year, a pitcher of sparkling pomegranate sangria was my contribution to our Christmas Day meal. It was a HUGE hit (even my grandfather who barely drinks had three glasses), so I figured I'd share the recipe on here! Even though I made this for Christmas, it's perfect for any winter gatherings, holiday parties, or cozy nights in.

Canadian Tire's CANVAS Fall & Christmas 2017 Launch

CANVAS Canadian Tire Christmas Lanterns Outdoor
Earlier this year I talked about Canadian Tire's lifestyle line, CANVAS, in my post about their spring/summer line launch. If my love of CANVAS wasn't clear enough from that post, or how often I posted photos from that launch on my Instagram feed, I'm back to talk about it some more. This summer, I was invited to check out what they'll be selling in stores for fall and Christmas and again, they didn't disappoint. Whether you're hoping to make the perfect Winter Wonderland, or simply need some cozy accents for your home, check out some of my favourite pieces from the lines below! Full disclosure: most (read: all) of them are Christmas-related.

New York, New York

appartement sezane new york paris pop up nolita
While I usually make it to New York City at least once a year, I was extra motivated this year since about 10 of my closest friends moved there. I went once in April to celebrate the end of exams (and my first year of law school!), and once again over Thanksgiving with my family. Unlike my first few blog posts from NYC in which I wrote a lot about my trip, I don't have much to report since I spent most of it catching up with friends. But, as per usual, I ate a lot and took photos of almost everything, so I figured I'd share some of them! I apologize in advance for the iPhone quality shots, but what's a girl to do when she's on the move.

10 Amazing Pumpkin Decorating Ideas (No Carving Required!)

pumpkin decorating ideas no carving halloween amazing
Even though stores started putting out Halloween decorations two months ago, Halloween is ACTUALLY (finally) almost here! I love carving pumpkins, but sometimes I have no idea what to carve, or just can't deal with the mess. I recently realized that I'm not skilled enough to carve anything cool, and I've grown tired of the two faces I can actually carve. If you've also experienced these dilemmas, are in a DIY mood, or are simply looking for a way to decorate that is more cute than scary, check out these amazing no-carve pumpkin ideas!

Fall Essentials: Three Rompers Styled Three Ways

One of my more superficial goals this year was to get better at outfit preparation. While I don't think I'll ever be the type of person who lays out their outfit the night before, I've gotten good at only purchasing items that are multipurpose, and that I can easily dress up or down. My favourite thing to do this summer was to wear a romper because it made getting dressed so much simpler (a.k.a. I never had to waste 5 minutes worrying about whether my top went with my pants, or went too well with my pants), and it was easy to make more formal on the fly if I was going out at night. Even though it's officially fall, it's been sunny and warm with blue skies in Toronto, so I thought I'd share my favourite three rompers with you, and three ways I style them.

Canadian Tire's CANVAS Spring/Summer 2017 Launch

CANVAS Canadian Tire Outdoor Spring Summer Furniture
In all honesty, I have had limited interactions with Canadian Tire as a brand in my lifetime. At 22, there haven't been many occasions where I've needed to do a Canadian Tire run, nor is it where I have chosen to spend my disposable income (or lack thereof). For the longest time, I just saw it as a store with "adulting" necessities, and knew that its Canadian Tire money was simply the butt of every joke, so I was taken by surprise when I found out about CANVAS, Canadian Tire's lifestyle line.

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks - #CloroxMeansClean

spring cleaning clorox tips tricks products
A couple of weeks ago I received one of the strangest (but best) PR packages. It was a box from Clorox that was FULL of cleaning products. Why was it the strangest? Because I've never even considered the fact that cleaning supply companies would send out PR packages. Why the best? Because I literally already use all of these products, so this package got me motivated to actually start my spring cleaning. Below are five small tips and tricks to help you power through this annual challenge in a faster and more thorough way. 

GLISS Hair Repair Launches in Canada

gliis hair repair shampoo conditioner damaged shoppers
A few weeks ago, I was invited to the Canadian launch of Schwarzkopf's GLISS Hair Repair line! These products were highly anticipated because all of the GLISS formulas contain a unique hair-identical keratin that helps repair hair from the inside out! Essentially, they're hair care magic. Keep reading for pictures of the launch and my thoughts on whether the GLISS products live up to the hype.

Spring Break - Cabo San Lucas & Todos Santos Photo Diary

todos santos cabo mexico vacation trip spring break
Earlier this month I travelled to Cabo San Lucas (a.k.a. Cabo) for spring break, and I still haven't shut up about it. I took photos of EVERYTHING (and I think Instagram has seen enough of them), so naturally, I'm making this post. Have you ever wondered why so many celebrities are spotted there? I finally understand the hype, and I'm here to share it with you. If you're looking for your next travel destination, this is it. 

Four Online Purchases to Make in 2017

top online purchases best things to buy 2017 products
I find the world of online shopping extremely overwhelming, but it's also the best way to find unique small (and online-only) businesses. It's insane to think about how many things we can purchase, and how many cool companies we can support, by simply clicking "add to shopping cart". Whether you're an online shopping addict, or you're just looking for some curated gems, here are my top four online shopping finds! Happy shopping!

New In Beauty: Kevyn Aucoin's Spring 2017 Collection

kevyn auction neo highlighter limelight sephora review powder
Kevyn Aucoin recently released three new products as part of its spring 2017 collection: the Neo Highlighter, the Neo-Limelight Highlighter and the Neo Powder Brush! I had actually never used any Kevyn Aucoin products before, but had constantly heard people raving about their bronzers (looking at you, Allana Davison). Nevertheless, I was keen to try them out (I mean, look at how PRETTY they are)! Keep reading for my hot take on whether or not these new products are worth purchasing this spring.

HOW TO: DIY Dry Erase Calendar & To Do List

DIY Dry Erase Rainbow Paint Pretty Calendar Pinterest
During undergrad I was constantly abandoning calendars and agendas I had purchased because there was some aspect of them that didn't work for how I plan. That may sound super high maintenance but think about how often (and for how long) you have to organize your life. In an effort to boost my organization last year I made these dry erase wall organizers, and I have been dependent on them ever since. If you're looking to get more organized this year, here's a guide to a customizable DIY organization system that may take an hour to make, but will keep you organized for a lifetime. 

New Year, New You, New Watch! (*Giveaway*)

Wooden Watch JORD Woman best watch light
Wood watches have been taking the internet by storm and I have been extremely tempted to try one for months. I've been searching for quite some time for a watch that's significantly lighter than my metal one, yet still looks more professional than a plastic one. So naturally, when JORD approached me for a collaboration and giveaway opportunity, I couldn't say no.

17 Things I Want To Accomplish in 2017

New Year Goals 2017 Resolutions best easy to keep
It's been two weeks and I'm still struggling to wrap my head around the fact that it's 2017. 2017 is a strange year to me; I've never actually done any long-term planning past 2016 (which was the year I graduated from undergrad), because anything past that quite honestly seemed mythical and incredibly distant.   

Top 16 of 2016

new years resolutions goals easy best memories photo journal
We've all seen the 2016 memes that circulated the Internet for months. From Donald Trump's victory, to endless pop culture icons' deaths, there seemed to be little room for positive thoughts about 2016 online (except for Chris Hadfield's Twitter thread). So, to add to the limited pool of positive reflections on 2016, I decided to make a personal Top 16 of 2016 list. 
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