NYC in Three: Day 2 & 3

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The second day of our trip ended up being my all-time favourite day in New York City. We covered so much ground in what seemed like so little time, and managed to hit every place on our mental list without getting stressed about staying on schedule. We unintentionally stuck to a park theme for most of the day, so please excuse and/or enjoy the obscene amount of photos in this post. 

A Review: Murad's Blemish Control Travel Kit

murad blemish control travel set review sephora

As common as acne-fighting, clarifying and blemish control products are in the world of skincare, I still haven't found a go-to product for breakouts. As much as I love the Proactiv commercials where Justin Bieber is like "Hey girl, you can look flawless too with the help of Proactiv", I find that their products are too heavy-duty for my skincare needs. Enter the Murad Blemish Control Travel Set.

NYC in Three: Day 1

NYC travel guide new york city

Early in May I went on a quick trip to New York City with my friends Maddie and Tess. After talking about taking a trip together for years, we finally scoured Airbnb, booked our flights and packed our carry-on bags. Maddie was turning 21, Tess was preparing to move to Australia, and I was looking to celebrate the end of final exams, so off we went.

Panamania - The Pan Am Games Take Toronto

pan am games toronto sign city hall
I'm not sure if it's my competitive nature, my emotional tendencies, or both that get me so riled up whenever there's an international sporting competition. I tear up pretty much every 5 minutes during the Olympics; between the victories and the stories of overcoming adversity, or emotional advertisements that run every 20 minutes, I can't seem to catch a break. In any case, the Pan Am Games were no different. 
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