A Review: joeSCRUB Coffee Scrub

joe scrub coffee scrub review canadian worth it
There are three things in the world that I have a love-hate relationship with; Candy Crush, coffee and body scrubs. Candy Crush is irrelevant to this post, so I'll save it for another time.

Read. Watch. Listen. (01.26.15)

the skimm milk sean penn
What to read, watch and listen to this week.

The Cover Songs You Didn't Know You Needed

cover songs you should listen to frends headphones
I love covers. Although they're a little controversial with some people refusing to believe that anything can be as good as the original, I think it's so cool to see what talented people can do with great songs. Below are some of my favourite, relatively underrated, covers of "Sunday Morning", "Rather Be", "The Heart Wants What It Wants" and "Blank Space" from the past few months.

The Mindy Movement: Mindy Kaling's Global Domination

mindy kaling book review indigo is everyone having fun
Unless you live under a rock, you've probably noticed that Mindy Kaling won our hearts and our streaming time over the past year. Spreading faster than a cold during winter, what I am now going to call "The Mindy Movement" (even though someone has probably already coined this phrase somewhere) started slowly, and then seemingly grabbed the world's attention all at once.

Resolutions & How to Keep Them

new years resolutions goals ideas inspiration
Happy New Year everyone! And happy struggles as you keep writing 2014 on everything for the next couple of weeks. Today I want to share my thoughts on New Year's resolutions, and the importance of cutting everyone (including you) some slack, with a little bit of a Hannah Montana throwback.
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